His To Kill

He Watched and Waited

Now the Waiting is Over

Kendra Dilllon Cold Case Thriller Book Four 

What readers are saying about Rebecca Rane's suspense thrillers...

"The author, Rebecca Rane, is a smooth, artful story-teller. There is not a single dull moment."

"Fantastic book with nail biting suspense, and some unexpected twists in the plot that kept me engrossed from the first page to the last."

"I loved the Podcast storyline and Kendra is my new FAVORITE female character of the year. This story has everything you want and more in a thriller."

Preorder His To Kill  the fourth book in the suspenseful Kendra Dillon Cold Case Thriller series. If you like engaging female sleuths, unexpected twists, and cold case crime podcasts, then you’ll love Rebecca Rane’s pulse-pounding tale.

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