The Nobody Girls

Kendra Dilllon Cold Case Thriller

Book Three


He killed for sport. He killed for lust.  And he got away with it. But now Kendra Dillon is on The Cold Trail of a highway hunter. 

"There hasn't been a  new clue or a  new victim in thirty years. Until today."

The victims were nameless. They were easily forgotten. They were nobody girls. But cold case podcaster, Kendra Dillon won't forget them. And that's exactly what could get her killed. She knows what it's like to suffer at the hands of a madman. That's why Kendra Dillon fears she's awakened a monster in The Nobody Girls. The third twisty book in the suspenseful Kendra Dillon Cold Case Thriller series.

If you like engaging female sleuths, unexpected twists, and cold case crime podcasts, then you’ll love Rebecca Rane’s pulse-pounding tales.

Buy The Nobody Girls and enter the world of a true crime podcaster on the hunt for a serial killer!

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